So, my name’s xen0blade.  Well, not really, but I obviously like some privacy online, so I’m not giving out my real name.  You could find it, if you REALLY wanted to.  I’m not the only xen0blade out there though, so be forewarned.  I’m a college student living with my wife in Seattle, and I’m a huge fan of the cyberpunk genre.  My interest in cyberpunk started when I read Neuromancer by William Gibson.  I firmly believe that we are headed for a dystopian future governed by multinational corporations.  I also don’t necessarily see that as a terribly bad thing, given that at least we won’t have to deal with a national debt….(j/k ish).  Anyway, it was BBS’s that led me to IRC, IRC led me to cyberpunk, cyberpunk led me darknets and the fall of those wonderful darknets led me to this blog.  So, grab a glass of Dew and stay awhile.  It’ll be one helluva ride.


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