blarg.txt (or Design Document, late, but here)

Default Features:
Chat (IRC like??)
File Sharing
Music Player
Obfuscation of protocols
Obfuscation of location, and content
Some kind of messaging system (email-like?)
And all of this will be wrapped in encrypted everything!

All written in C++
Finished source code can be obtained on GIT (or sourceforge or whatever)
Will be available on all platforms except for Mac (if they’re so badass, they can port it their damn-selves).
Linux OS Support (IE Compiled packages)
(The Top ten or so on distrowatch)
some sort of clandestine mode with (Active?) anti-forensics (IE Image corruption, etc)
Timestomp integration?
What is the most secure form of encryption?  AES?  AES+Blowfish+Serpent (or whatever it’s called….Truecrypt has it as an option)


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