Tired of the way things were….

So, I got tired of the way my laptop was acting.  I was especially tired of trying to keep my seperate music folders in sync between both OS’s (Windows 7 and Arch Linux).  I came up with a solution, and although I am considering it “Temporary,” it is close to permanent.  So, first, I wiped my HDD, and reinstalled Windows 7 using the Lenovo factory restore disc.  Then I repartitioned everything with 3 primary partitions and 4 logical partitions: 1 ext2 (for boot) 1 swap, 2 NTFS, and 2 ext4 (for / and /home).  1 of those NTFS drives is obviously windows 7, the other is for my music.  I used the Windows Logical Disk manager to mount the drive in “c:\users\xen0blade\music”, then I swapped over to linux and used these lines in /etc/fstab (ie sda7 is the music ntfs partition):

/dev/sda7 /var/lib/mpd/music ntfs default 0 0

/var/lib/mpd/music /home/xen0blade/music ntfs bind 0 0

Then I got mpd up and running and !Voila!, no need to sync my music!




One Response to “Tired of the way things were….”

  1. Oh, if you dual-boot like me and you need help configuring mpd, try the excellent ArchWiki @ http://wiki.archlinux.org

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