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Research on anti-forensics going well

Posted in Uncategorized on November 30, 2010 by xen0blade

See post topic.  It will be called “Subversive Mode”.  Which I find really funny, but anyway.  I’m still very carefully reading all of the various licenses of the open source stuff I want to use, since I don’t want any conflicts with the license I’m going to use (probably GNU, but we’ll see).  Other then your typical anti-forensics, such as encryption, there will be some other, more advanced measures available in “Subversive Mode.”  First off will be something similar to Timestomp, which allows someone to ‘overwrite NTFS “create,” “modify,” “access,” and “change” timestamps’ (Metasploit 2006).  There will hopefully be some more active measures that I am not prepared to comment about at this time.  Take care everyone!


blarg.txt (or Design Document, late, but here)

Posted in Uncategorized on November 8, 2010 by xen0blade

Default Features:
Chat (IRC like??)
File Sharing
Music Player
Obfuscation of protocols
Obfuscation of location, and content
Some kind of messaging system (email-like?)
And all of this will be wrapped in encrypted everything!

All written in C++
Finished source code can be obtained on GIT (or sourceforge or whatever)
Will be available on all platforms except for Mac (if they’re so badass, they can port it their damn-selves).
Linux OS Support (IE Compiled packages)
(The Top ten or so on distrowatch)
some sort of clandestine mode with (Active?) anti-forensics (IE Image corruption, etc)
Timestomp integration?
What is the most secure form of encryption?  AES?  AES+Blowfish+Serpent (or whatever it’s called….Truecrypt has it as an option)

Setting up an IRC server

Posted in Uncategorized on November 4, 2010 by xen0blade

So, I’m going to be setting up an IRC Server at sprawl [dot] doesntexist [dot] com.  It’ll be on the usual port.  And on the marine corps birthday I will be releasing a preliminary design document for Project Obsidian!

Tired of the way things were….

Posted in Uncategorized on November 2, 2010 by xen0blade

So, I got tired of the way my laptop was acting.  I was especially tired of trying to keep my seperate music folders in sync between both OS’s (Windows 7 and Arch Linux).  I came up with a solution, and although I am considering it “Temporary,” it is close to permanent.  So, first, I wiped my HDD, and reinstalled Windows 7 using the Lenovo factory restore disc.  Then I repartitioned everything with 3 primary partitions and 4 logical partitions: 1 ext2 (for boot) 1 swap, 2 NTFS, and 2 ext4 (for / and /home).  1 of those NTFS drives is obviously windows 7, the other is for my music.  I used the Windows Logical Disk manager to mount the drive in “c:\users\xen0blade\music”, then I swapped over to linux and used these lines in /etc/fstab (ie sda7 is the music ntfs partition):

/dev/sda7 /var/lib/mpd/music ntfs default 0 0

/var/lib/mpd/music /home/xen0blade/music ntfs bind 0 0

Then I got mpd up and running and !Voila!, no need to sync my music!



Mobile support?

Posted in Computers and Internet with tags on November 1, 2010 by xen0blade

So, does Project Obsidian need mobile support.  If anyone says “Yes, for the iPhone,” I will ban your IP range.  Take your Crapple iTurd and shove it.