Settled on a language….

I’m using C++.  Of course, I don’t know the first thing about network programming in C++, so it’s back to the books.  Just so none of you get worried, while in a turbo pascal class in high school, I was already at the end of the book in two weeks.  I was busy designing a puzzle game while the rest of the class was struggling with

writeln(‘Hello World’);

Stupid humans.


3 Responses to “Settled on a language….”

  1. I thought it was println”hello world” ? I knew that when I was 13. Lol the first step of C.

  2. In C….I was making a reference to Turbo Pascal, which I believe is now a dead language…correct me if I’m wrong and I’m going senile….I welcome all constructive criticism.

  3. And I believe I sounded like an ass that last comment….I apologize.

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