Stages of Software Design.

This was basically yoinked verbatim from HERE, so thanks Christopher Diggins!  I’ll post another link to your stuff later for the help.

  • scheduling – Self explanatory.
  • research – Learning more about the problems the software attempts to solve, and what the competing software does.
  • technology selection – Choosing what tools, languages, and technologies to use to build and devleop the software.
  • reuse – Identifying code libraries and tools internally and externally that can be leveraged
  • prototyping – An important step which is often overlooked (often-times the first version is really a prototype).
  • code documentation
  • product documentation
  • refactoring – Change in the code to changes in implementation design.
  • extending – This refers to when more features are added during development, after prototyping, or after a release
  • revising – Related to refactoring, this refers to when the product requirement are significantly changed in some-way
  • internationalization – It is is usually the case the software will be released in different locales with different langauges and cultural conventions.
  • optimizing – It is rare that software doesn’t have some areas where better performance could significantly improve the product.
  • static analysis – Static analysis tools are an important part of detecting defects
  • reviewing code – Code reviews are an important supplement to testing
  • releasing – Getting the internal versions to various teams, and external versions to customers in a smooth and timely manner
  • recycling code – The code in a successful project will almost invariable be reused in some other project.
  • porting – Porting software to new operating systems and platforms is almost always inevitable in a successful product
  • support – Customer support is easily overlooked, but when taken into consideration will affect design decisions, and profitability.


Now, I’m only in the second stage, research.  What problems DOES my darknet want to solve?  Well, the question of privacy, for one.  Did you know that your ISP can view most of the traffic you generate?  If it’s not encrypted, they can capture it.  And they do.  Most ISP’s keep it “For a reasonable amount of time.”  WTF????  Reasonable?  It’s my PERSONAL information they are retaining.  And as a sometimes bored computer geek, I understand temptation.  Do they really think that this information is being kept private?  Hell, look at Wikileaks!  Anyway, there’s more to come.


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  1. Incidentally, I believe I am conforming to “Fair Use” here. If I’m not, I deeply apologize, and will gladly delete all references to “Christopher Diggins” if he (or you, if it is you) ask me to. And then I will apologize profusely.

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